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Projections in dream or meditation

A projection to the Asaris Star System

Posted by Sam on Sat 03/08/08Read the post

In our series of transcripts, this one shall introduce some puzzle pieces revolving around that dimension of Asaris which has been previously hinted as the dimension of origin of the traveling portals found in the Alienor dimension.



A projection to the Guardians – the Durim

Posted by Sam on Sun 02/24/08Read the post

This transcript is the first of a series where our dear friends Jib and Éric have been exploring their connections using their inner senses through a “projection”.

By projection, we mean nothing more than such an action: a lucid connection through the use of inner senses.
As such, a great variation of this action is possible, for it encompasses as much mediations in the traditional sense, than awakened rêveries, lucid dreams and out-of-body explorations as well.

But let us have our fierce pathfinders speak for themselves about their discoveries.

Yours truly,


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