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The Flowrtex
The Nirgual
The Gamulet
The Emotor
The Kameleon
The Framingo
The Stem Cell
The Fish Board
The Green Phoenix
The Fern
L’Ove / The Lovegg
Song Bird
The Chrysantile
The Dragon Head
The Lightus
The Reality Puzzle
The Connectron
The Silver Bird
The Feather

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Variations & Artifacts

Key of Ghört
Mirror of Lejüs
Wand of Selvaniel
Unguent of Nærvel
Cup of Margilonia
Sunstone of Agnima
The Mediator Star
The Power Cell
The Road To Alienor
The Crescent Eyrrows
The Mandorla Eyrrows
The Plume eyrrows
Snake’s eye
Cat’s eye
The Key
The Energy Capacitor

Tiles of the City

A list of tiles

Tiles are nothing more, and nothing less than physical representation of symbols. Being of the subjective, these symbols can be translated in many different variations and can be found in many places and times.

They all have different functions, and can be understood as focal points enhancing specific uses of energy. They can be more closely related to some families of consciousness (or all of them in certain cases) — these families being merely convenient subdivisions of the whole spectrum of consciousness within this dimension, each bearing certain distinctive attributes or qualities.

Very briefly and schematically, the 9 families of this dimension are described as follows:

  • (black) Sumafi — Seers — Teachers, holders of knowledge
  • (purple) Zuli — Imagers — Performers
  • (indigo) Tumold — Readers — Healers
  • (blue) Sumari — Speakers — Artists, doers, initiators
  • (green) Ilda — Tellers — Exchangers and spreaders of ideas
  • (yellow) Vold — Hearers — Reformers, connectors
  • (orange) Gramada — Formers — Creators, architects
  • (red) Milumet — Watchers — Mystics, connected to nature
  • (pink) Borledim — Bearers — Producers, nurturers

The Tile Handbook

The second edition of the compilation of the tiles is available in print and for download.

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In this revised and augmented version you’ll find your favorite tiles in a pocket book format with new information.

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