The Compass

Compass, guiding device, archeometer


  • Function: Compass, guiding device, archeometer
  • Families: Sumafi
  • First appearance: 2005/09/16
  • Ref. [E#2519]


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The Flowrtex
The Nirgual
The Gamulet
The Emotor
The Kameleon
The Framingo
The Stem Cell
The Fish Board
The Green Phoenix

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Variations & Artifacts

Key of Ghört
Mirror of Lejüs
Wand of Selvaniel
Unguent of Nærvel
Cup of Margilonia
Sunstone of Agnima
The Mediator Star
The Power Cell
The Road To Alienor
The Crescent Eyrrows
The Mandorla Eyrrows

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